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How to sell a bike...anytime

The pies were done, dishes washed, just waiting to head to the in-laws for the big meal. I headed out for a bit of appetite enhancement aka a ride.

passing a local shop, I saw a bike parked in front. As I knew the shop was closed, I stopped to check it out. Was the bike one of the used bikes for sale that had been forgotten?

it was used, but not left out front by accident. It was locked. A sign taped to it gave the shop owners email, and a note that with a PayPal payment, he would send the combo to the lock and you could ride away. Oh, and if you wanted the lock, it was five bucks more.

Maybe I should try this to sell a couple bikes that seem like too much trouble to Craigslist. Park them near a college or some place where there would be customers. Yeah, there is the risk of theft but maybe people are better that that.

In any case, I sure like the combination of internet sales, ease of interface, and instant delivery that the shop has put together.

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