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Originally Posted by Mr. Spadoni View Post
ofo ?
Dockless bicycle with dockless bicycle anti-theft hardware. For those not in the know, a Gator Grip ain't going to cut it.

Since ofo left the US, there's quite a few of them around for sale/donated, so it's one of the few dockless bikes you can find out there or sale. Granted, the explanation just ruined the joke

Originally Posted by SurferRosa View Post
Bright yellow plastic-looking thing from china you can rent for a dollar.
Used to be able to rent for a dollar. The company went belly up in the States, and their status in China is questionable.

You're more likely to find them for sale for $50-75 where they've been sold or donated off. One LBS was working with someone in North Carolina who had literal 40' shipping containers of them, brand new:

I don't knock these bikes at all for what they are, or where they come from. Many of them are a spiritual successor to the Schwinn Racer formula: Take one 3-speed IGH hub, lace it to some tough wheels, mate to heavy but kid-proof frame, and throw it out to the world to wreck. Most of them have modern 6v 2.4w front generator hubs and band + roller brakes, so they usually have a leg up on the old Racers for features and stopping power too.

If I could Thanos-snap all the bicycle shaped objects out of Tar-Mart with the caveat that they'd have to be replaced with equally affordable equipment, 3-speed dockless bikes would be my first pick.


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