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I can't recall the last time I read a about Dynohub repair in a thread about an Italian bike trying to be a French bike, but here we go:

I won a lot of three Dynohubs - in various states of disrepair - off eBay for tinkering. I didn't want to use my scratched up '46 hub, and there was enough to make a good '58 Dynohub of the lot.

This is what remains. A shell with a damaged flange, my old '46 GH6 after some tinkering (and minus fixing bolts) and a '52 hub with 36h drilling which would be OK, but someone cut the terminal studs off (WTF?)

In the process of mixing and matching the best bits, I finally laid to rest something that I couldn't figure out 14 years ago:

A. I figured out that someone had needlessly put a Sturmey AW lockwasher on the left side of the '46 hub. This confused the hell out of when I was a noob and trying to figure out how to adjust the earlier hub. Sturmey-Archer's grammatical geniuses did not exactly make the process clear in the service manual.

...and B. This hub's adjustment mystified me for years, as the four-prong washer on the Dyno side (the one that doubles as the cone adjuster) never bottomed out against the Bakelite without bottoming out against the cone adjuster first. As a result the Bakelite center armature was never quite secure from spinning about.

It took me until this very minute to connect enough dots to confirm what I suspected about the drive side of these earlier Bakelite Dynohubs: There's supposed to be a washer behind the adjuster with the four notches. My '46 Dynohub never had it. The parts you see below are correct, but incomplete: There's a larger washer that's missing from this equation, and it's supposed to go on before the notched washer/adjuster:

It's only by the grace of reading the manual for the FG hub last night (for an unrelated problem) that I now realize a washer is supposed to be there in the first place. Since the Dynofour retained left-hand hub adjustment through it's entire run - unlike the GH6 - the FG's manual reflects both the four notch cone adjuster and a washer below it.

All of this came to light as I was writing this post - so I had a quick look into my own reference photos. A few years ago, I snapped this photo of a friend's 1948 Raleigh Super Sport and it's early Dyno. There's obviously a conventional washer below the notched washer. Mystery solved.


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