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Hello all, thank you so much for replying to my post.

Originally Posted by linberl View Post
... My "perfect" folding bike would fold like a brompton, ride like my Bike Friday, weigh less than 18 lbs, and be priced like a Citizen, lol.

Hi Linberl. Thank you for your answer. It seems you value:

- ease of folding

- being comfortable

- weighting less than 18 lbs

- and being inexpensive

Originally Posted by spambait11 View Post
Most annoying? Squeaks.
Then in order: weight, folding mechanism, frame material, small wheels

Hi Spambait. It seems you, like many others that replied here find squeks to be quite annoying. It means I will need to focus on the frame a lot.

So you dont like (correct me if Im wrong):

- squeaks

- being too heavy

- having an awkward folding mechanism

- having poor quality frame material

- having wheels that are too small

Originally Posted by 3speedslow View Post
I like the support bar from the BB to the top tube feature. I dont know why...

Hi 3speedslow. Awesome pictures, thanks a lot. I will make the frame look like you have suggested.

Originally Posted by cudak888 View Post
I can give you a couple of specific complaints, but they're specific to models:...

Hi Kurt. Thank you for your extensive list. It looks like you would like a folder to have:

- compact size when folded

- Not flat handlebars

- Have a drive system that doesn't turn into a mess when folded

- Have wheels that are accessible in LBS. (Would you rather have 20 or 16)??

- Automatic locking frame

- A bike designed to ride without need of adding aftermarket bits

- Stiff frame

- No zinc plated bits all have to be stainless steel

I have a question about IGH. Would you be willing to buy a folding bike that is a little bit heavier and a little bit more expansive but with IGH or would you prefer to have something lighter and cheaper but with a derailleur? Thanks.

Originally Posted by tdonline View Post
The flex and squeaks, which is why I just bought a minivelo.

Hi Tdoline. Thanks for the comment. It looks like you too find frame flexing to be annoying. It looks like it will be my most important concern.

Originally Posted by zebede View Post
-Compromised riding position
-Frame flex

Hi Zebede. Thanks for the comment. You too, find frame flex to be annoying. I will add a compromised riding position to my list.

Originally Posted by BCATC View Post
I'm still apprehensive about riding one handed for more than 2 seconds. I also can't help but always think what if I got a Brompton instead.

Hi Bcatc. Thanks for the comment. So why do feel apprehensive about riding one-handed? Is it because it feels wobbly? Is it not sturdy enough? Maybe, can you tell me what should I do in my bike to not make you feel apprehensive about riding one-handed? Is it the shape of the handlebar, riding position? Can you please elaborate on this one a little bit?

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