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Originally Posted by TejanoTrackie View Post
^^^ As to wheel problems, Iíve never had any, and am curious as to which model wheels you have and what was the specific nature of the failure.
I threw them away. I don't recall exactly what they were, but they were the black anodized rims, with retention nuts on the axles-- not the current bolt on style, and not the extra light model. Spoke nipple pulled thru the rear wheel rim, chunk of rim broke out. The wheel literally pretzeled so bad it jammed in the chainstays. Yep, one spoke! I had to call for a ride. Also,brand new right out of the box (no shipping damage) I had to take the front wheel to my trusted LBS to have it trued. The POS started costing me more money before I even rode it! When I mentioned that in an email to Richard, he basically said 'glad you were able to get it fixed.'
So, that's why I'm not exactly enthusiastic about the fabled Wabi "mystique." He seemed a bit prickly to deal with; and I will never buy a complete bike online again. I was reluctant to in the first place. (I am a 65 yr old, 155 lb roadie and I don't do 'tricks' on my bicycles...)
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