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Pants for riding in rain?

Rode home last night in moderate rain storm, had my best outfit on but it wasn't enough. The cheap Chinese made orange jacket kept my torso dry (included a hood), but my very old twice re-sprayed black rain chaps failed me... again! Gotta ditch those and get something that will keep me dry from the waist down.

I suppose I could use something for my shoes. But pants instead of 2 separate (but identical) chaps would seem to be the thing. I figure YELLOW, why not? Poking around I'm seeing rain pants anywhere from $10 to $159 (Showers Pass). Showers Pass appears to be the premium, but they have various offerings. Really, maybe I don't need the best, it doesn't rain all that much in Berkeley, CA, this isn't Seattle.

The top Showers Pass offering I saw at Amazon said Nylon. I also saw a listing from them indicating the material is Artex. Most of the stuff I'm seeing on Amazon and Ebay say Polyester, and I assume those are PVC treated, although most don't say.

The longest rides I'm doing these days are 5 miles (each way). That's the distance to my gym. If it's really raining I'll probably drive instead, but there will be times I chance it and get caught. Also, sometimes I need to go somewhere where I can't park and will bike anyway, maybe 2 miles each way.

Can I get some tips? I'm 5'10", 174 lb right now. Waist, maybe 34". I will have my regular pants under the rain pants, so they need to be bigger than my trousers. Thanks for ideas!

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