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1998 Schwinn Searcher GS might be upgrading just for fun...

Not like I need another bike. But my daughter brought it back home last summer, it was my wife's. Daughter picked up a nice 1998 Scwinn Passage specced out a lot like my 1998 Cannondale R200. Full Shimano RSX. So this hybrid has been sitting and got me thinking... Which isn't always a good thing...

I have a N+1 problem anyway. 1986 KHS Fiero roadbike, 2006 Cannondale CAAD8 roadbike, 2010 Performance Access XCL 9R 29er, 1991 Trek 7000, 1989 Trek 950, 1990 Fisher HooKooEKoo... 1992 Trek 1400 roadbike loaned to my son in law.

So. What to do with the Schwinn Searcher? I'm thinking about the parts I have laying about. And I thought, why not swap out the 3x7 gripshift and straight bars for a 3x9 Sora set on drop bars with cyclocross brake levers as well? I need a quill to 11/8" adapter and stem, not sure the length needed yet. I have 12-32 and 12-36 9 speed cassettes. My 29er has Sora 3x7 on Salsa Woodchippers, but rolls with a suspension fork and 700x54 tires. I'd been considering a second set of wheels to roll 700x40s for the 29er. So why not run that size on the hybrid instead of 32s?

For giggles. 700x54s don't fit this hybrid. I doubt they fit the rear.

I have ridden this bike maybe 50 miles outdoors. This bike was my recovery bike on a trainer after knee replacement 9 years ago. My wife is unable to ride anymore, so it currently serves no real purpose...

Just some brainstbrainstorming right now.

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