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Originally Posted by DorkDisk View Post
By 98 there were few true 7 speed only hubs, with most running a spacer. However, it is worthwhile to check if your hub can handle 8+ speeds since S gimped their low end hard in those days.

If you see a spacer in the cassette stack towards the spokes first, you're likely good to go. If you see brown steel of the freehub body, you will likely have to look into a freehub replacement to get a proper 9 speed cassette on there.

E type front derailleurs were developed for rear suspension frames where it was a pain to add a seat tube nub.
E type, Never heard of that, but makes sense. That might need to be changed. As I suggested, some newer derraileurs just might be in order. But I will see if the existing units will cover 9 speeds. Also the crankset might not be able to cover the narrower chain. I found Shimano 105 1055 RD covered 9 speed cassettes in friction mode, on a 92 trek 1400 I picked up last spring, and let my son in law use. I used a wheelset that needed a spacer for the 7 speed cassette.

The hubs are Shimano RM40s. I have the exact same hubs on my 98 Cannondale R200, with 7 speed. No spacers. Same with my daughter's 98 Schwinn Passage. I fully serviced her hubs when she got the bike. Also, no spacers. They were dirty, but otherwise in great shape. On my R200, I have a set of Shimano 561 wheels. Not suitable for my weight on the road, but on the trainer, the are just fine. I did also use a spacer for the 7 speed cassette. I considered swapping in the Sora 3400 brfters on that bike, but the gummed up RSX brifters cleaned up just fine... (reminds me, I should do that same cleaning for the RSX brifters on my daughter's bike this winter...)

I have a set of wheels I can use for the hybrid with proper 8, 9, 10 speed spacing.
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