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Originally Posted by DorkDisk View Post
The cranks will work with a 9-speed chain, and the derailleurs will work with 9sp indexing. However, the front derailleur uses a different cable pull than road brifters; you may need a road triple front derailleur to use those cranks, with a compact cage if possible.

As for parts, I wouldn't worry about age, but rather condition and quality; older nice parts are still nicer than new low-end parts.
From my 2x6 and 3x6 days, I have an older Exage 400 RD. I doubt that it would cover 9 speed indexed, but who knows. I have a Tiagra FD that is braze on ready, so I just need to find a proper clamp But likely, I may try it as is with 9 speed first. At the bicycle collective, I always buy the better components I can find. (Wife says I spend too much money and time there!)

I had tried 10speed chain on my old 2x6 crankset from my 86 KHS, and it was sticking between rings. But that crankset also had a wobble to it, not sure f it was the crankset itself or a worn out BB So if the 7 speed crankset will handle 9 speed, great..
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