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Originally posted by Merckxrider
I bought a Fat Chance MTB in 1991 for $2200. Today it rides no different from the day I bought it.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I know I dont need to pay to get fitted, but as I understand it road bikes are a bit more custom fitting than mountain bikes. When I bought my mountain bike I basically had a choice between small, medium and large. After only adjusting the seat post, it fits great. If I were to buy another mountain bike, I know that I would probably need a medium or 17/18 inch frame regardless of the manufacturer. However, since road bikes come in so many sizes and, from what I understand, vary considerably btw manufacturers, I am not as confident as buying online. Perhaps that is all in my head though. If I knew I was a 54cm in a Trek then a 54cm in a Cannondale would be fine. Either way, thanks for all the help, everyone.
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