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Originally posted by William Karsten
Have you tired on clothes at one store and gone to another because it's cheeper?

Ever eaten a sample at the store with no intention to buy?

Test drive a car at one dealer and then bought at another?

Then you've done the same thing.

At anyrate, what's the crime of finding something at a lower price?

"No" on all counts. My computer shop recently closed for good after 20 years due to the internet competitors undercutting us. Didn't stop people buying over the internet then having the cheek to come to us for support afterwards! You're doing the same thing but with the pre sales service instead of the after sales.

If the local shop is good enough to size you, let you try frames, let you test ride bikes, give you advice, the least you can do is buy it there. Thats why the extra expense is there - the convenience of buying local if something goes wrong, the personal touch, trying before you buy.

I think it's a bit of a cheek to take advantage of a shops good nature with no intention of buying there.

Just MHO of course.

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