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Originally Posted by Strosfan5 View Post
Hi all - question regarding cable tension.

I noticed the tension on the FD when it is on the largest sprocket seems pretty stout. Really tight with respect to the tension on the RD when it is on the smallest sprocket.

The main reason I ask is that I wonder if this normal. It’s a 3x7 Shimano set up with EF41 shifters.

My assumption is that it most likely has to do with having 3 on the front (vs 2). I’ve tried to adjust barrel to release some tension but this takes away from its ability to make it onto the outside sprocket.

Rambling on here but more curious about differences in tension on FD and RD at its most tense point.
cable tension is a function of the derailleur spring - stiffer the spring, the tauter the cable. As with any spring, it gets “stiffer” the more it’s extended/compressed, so the derailleur cables will be tauter the further the derailleur moves from rest (toward large ring on the front, toward the large sprocket on the rear).
i usually adjust my cables so they’re pretty taut all the time - even at rest - so the first click or two isn’t spent picking up cable slack. I think of them as “guitar string tight”, although I know they’re not actually as taut as guitar strings. My derailleurs and shifters (Chorus 10) are ~ 16 years old and still fine, so in my experience, running cables as tight as possible isn’t harmful

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