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I will agree with much of what is said. At 1.95 m, my first road bike as an adult was a 52cm, given to me by a couple that was moving across the country. I had no idea on sizing, and eventually made it work ok, but it was far from ideal. I learned a lot and now ride 63-65cm frames.

For the English/non-metric among us, 1.78 m is 5'10" and an 84cm inseam is 33". My inseam (for clothes, not cycling) is a, I suppose, slightly short-for-my-height 34-35".

A 58cm frame should be close to ideal, though I wouldn't be surprised if you fit a 60cm. When hunting for bikes, I'd bring your tape measure (or a length/distance measuring device) along and measure seat tube height and top tube length. Top tube length will also be one to keep track of as depending on your arm length, some frames may be a bit long (and thus too hard to "shorten" with a short reach stem, bars, etc). Thankfully, as frames range into the 63cm size, the top tube lengths, in general, increase more slowly. But like I said, bring a tape measure--it will really help to put some concrete numbers in your head for analysis.

Best wishes in your searching!
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