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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
Which techno dream do you think will gain any traction (product sales, not Ponzi-type investor capitalization) in market place sales first, flying cars or autonomous driver less vehicles that can travel outside of a severely limited geo-fenced sandbox? In the next 4 or 5 years?

If driver less vehicles is your answer, who do you think is going to manufacture them? Google, Uber? Soft Bank? Elon Musk? And who is going to buy them - Uber or Lyft or other money burning taxi companies (with what?); enough individuals who will buy any thing that puts them at "the cutting edge of technology" regardless of cost or practicality?

Apparently you failed to notice that more and more "driver assist" technology (and no doubt eventually self driving technology) is quietly being added to the very automobiles that ordinary PEOPLE are buying.

You somehow envision a day when a switch is thrown and all cars are self driving... not likely. Just like other features in the modern automobile, self driving will be slowly introduced and slowly accepted, by the typical motorist. The exceptions will of course be the Hupmobile drivers that have not looked at a new car in 50-60 years and "would rather die," than stop actually wiggling a wheel to get to point B.

Eventually, when and if safety statistics show autonomous vehicles to be safer than human controlled vehicles... Hupmobiles may be banned from certain roads.

No doubt this is so far in the future that folks of your and my vintage have little reason to worry our heads about the coming wave of robot cars.
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