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Originally Posted by genec View Post
Flying cars... flying cars...

On Thursday, the ride-hail company launched a
premium helicopter service in New York City with the promise of 8-minute flights to nearby John F. Kennedy airport from downtown Manhattan. Uber intends to expand the service to more US cities and eventually — implausible as it may sound — offer this option to daily commuters who travel to and from neighboring suburbs

I have seen a conference talk from Uber about this, they plan to take advantage of helipads on rooftops all over the city, and the conop will be that people walk a block or two to the nearest heliport. Maybe the last-mile problem on the other end is not so easy. But fully-automated helicopters is I think an easier technical problem than fully-automated cars. Already the public is used to all commercial aircraft being grounded in some well-defined inclement weather conditions, so the task is only to automatically take off, fly an FAA-approved and control-tower monitored flight path, and land, in reasonable weather, and avoid hitting any buildings or other aircraft. That should be easy given redundant systems of GPS+3D map of the city, optical/lidar real-time 'vision', and radio communication with other aircraft and flight control towers.
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