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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
No matter how little doubt you may have that eventually, one day, someday, sometime in the future, the "coming wave of robot cars" maybe will arrive, vehicles with "driver assist" features are no more driver-less autonomous self-driving vehicles than vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions, digital dashboard displays, and/or power steering.

You are right though about how little we have to worry about the coming wave (or is it vapor-wave) of robot cars in the next four years.

Perhaps the trick is just to rename the existing driver assist features as "autopilot" or FSD/Full Self Driving (capable) as Elon Musk has done, get the fan-boys to pony up $6,000 or so for the privilege of owning cars with such "technology", and call it a day with a banner proclaiming Mission Accomplished!
No, Tesla is feeding all those millions of miles of auto-pilot data into its learning system. It's quite clear the mission isn't accomplished.
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