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Originally Posted by RubeRad View Post
I don't get what FFS does -- does it automatically shift the front for you? If so, then it may not be (fully) autonomous, but it is MORE autonomous than a manual-shift bike. Similarly, an Autobike is more autonomous than a manual-shift bike.

You are using very strict, binary definitions of 'autonomous/self-driving' for which 'more autonomous' or 'part-time self-driving' are self-negating, thus you are (mis)using terminology to beg the question, and cock-blocking any possibility of meaningful conversation.

If cruise-control is not 'more autonomous' and adaptive cruise-control (also automatically slowing down based on sensed distance to car in front) 'more autonomous' than that, and tesla autopilot (also operating the steering wheel to stay in the lane) 'more autonomous' than that, then you're the one buried in semantics.
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