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response from spyder

Originally Posted by lgp927 View Post
This is just to let everyone know about my experience with this particular shop located in Northern California.
this is a very long story ;

Back in the beginning of March 2017 I was involved in a pile up racing at Eldo, I broke the headtube on my Cipollini Bond, that same night the owner of this shop Frank Moir contacted me stating that he was an authorized Cipollini dealer and he had all the stencils to repaint the bike and repair to a "as new condition" . After talking to him via text and phone call I sent out the Frame, Fork, front Enve 3.4 wheel and 3t Integra stem to be repaired and all the other components to be X rayed as he stated that he X rays all the items that sent to him for repairs. According to the conversation this should be a fast turn around no big deal type of repair.

The items were sent to him on March 14 and received by his shop on the 21st more or less, so far up to date I have not received any of my items back, the owner has told me nothing but lies and even threatened me, he sent me a tracking number after a phone call w him where he said that all the stuff was done and shipped, he sent the tracking number along with an invoice which I paid immediately, I kept asking why the package was not showing any movement then he finally said that it never shipped, then he sends me pics of his repair and paint work which looked like a 3 year old had painted it his excuse this time was that the frame was scratched during packing.

this shop and owner are nothing but lies and it appears that my stuff has been stolen by him as I have not heard back from him, I even had my attorney sent him a letter and he never responded .

so just a warning to all about this shop .
No excuses his bike did take 21 days to repair, the only time I called the customer was to give a revised time line. The bike was cracked in the head tube with the crack running through the bearing race and the paint was camo. The original pic only showed some peripheral damage with the bike complete and we were unable to see the damage inside the head tube and bearing race until xray inspection, at that time we did revise the estimate of time where the customer pressed us to keep to the original deadline. I do understand this was his race bike and repair time is his top priority. As far as the paint his bike came out great, as a sign of good faith for his concerns we never charged him for the x-ray inspection for the frame and addtional parts. Here is a link to the completed repair, same pic that was sent to the owner. You can cut and paste if interested. facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212071553176608&set=a.10204632842733496&type=3&theater

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