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Originally Posted by tyrion View Post
No, Tesla is feeding all those millions of miles of auto-pilot data into its learning system. It's quite clear the mission isn't accomplished.
The more data collected, the more test cases run, the "smarter" the system gets... that does not happen with human drivers... each human starts at square 1... and has to learn everything all other drivers have learned before them.

Intelligence in AI driving improves daily... how many "shopping cart ladies" will killed in the future... or how many road crossing tractortrailers will be hit in the future by autonomous vehicles? Meanwhile, humans continue to "right cross" cyclists... year after year. AI gets smarter, humans do not. (Ultimately that may be the downfall of humans... but that's a different thread.)

Sensors improve... human sight and reaction times do not. In fact as each human ages, we get worse... after going through a period of steady improvement... us frail humans decline in performance.

AI is likely to be shared, if through no more than a greedy system of IP licenses.
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