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WOW, dual connected steering controls.

For a tandem couple, which we are, this adds an entirely new dimension to the classic tandem steering issue of lean. For example you're on a road without a bike lane and a rather sharp drop off of the paved highway to the narrow dirt/grass. You think you're just fine in placing the tandem close to that edge, but your stoker doesn't feel that way.

Hey! The bike just wandered a couple inches away from your line and and away from the edge. So you lean towards your line the bike moves back, and then it moves out again, etc. etc. until you turn around to find you and your stoker are leaning opposite directions to the point you look like a "Y" on the bike.

Time to stop and have a companionship chat.

But with two controlling the actual front wheel.....

What happens on a steep decent in a corner when someone feels the need to correct the line? Probably something very painful.

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