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Low back health and track cycling

Even though I had a great season in 2019 with some pretty big PB's, I've had some significant back pain issues, at times enough to keep me from sleeping at night. Casting about for remedies, I'd been doing a bunch of yoga-type stretching stuff and old-school back rehab things like roman chair back extensions. Nothing gave much relief except for not doing anything, to the point where I started doubting what I knew. I just came upon this article:

It pretty much says no to anything that involves full range of motion, use of full flexion or full extension under load or duration, and no twisting of the low back. This basically blows 80% of the stuff I was doing out of the water, and supports the growing feeling I've had that doing nothing was better that doing what I've been up to. A central point is 'increased low back flexibility leads to increased incidence of low back injury'. I'd appreciate folks giving it a read and posting feedback if you have thoughts, thanks.
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