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I haven't read the article linked yet, but I'll tell you: Cycling wrecked my back. And when I was on a 100% bike or spin bike only program, my back was the worst ever. Debilitating at times. Like, call in to work because I can't get out of bed.

This is the culprit:

There is something about being hunched over in a tuck and pushing max torque back and forth across the lower back as you pedal that does it.

The only thing that gave me relief was stopping all bike work then squatting and dead lifts with moderate wight to build up general core strength. I'd have relief for days, weeks, months, even over a year...until I got back on the bike. Then, bam...pain.

I bet if you took a break from cycling and lifted with moderate weights maybe 2x/week your back would heal up. Of course, pushing those weights into proper powerlifting numbers may then start to do a number on your back for powerlifting reasons.
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