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Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
OK, I've been making some progress on the front derailleur, but now waiting on sheet metal in 12 or 13ga to use for the front derailleur cage. Herse himself used 2mm metal, so I'm making mine a little beefier since mine's a bit farther away from the chainrings.

But I have also been working on fenders. Specifically, old Lefol fenders. I'm slowly wrangling them into place and thinking about rinko options, to truly drink koolaid with this bike. And I have a question for everyone.

You know the "rinko nuts" that the shop formerly known as Compass sells for some outrageous sum? Why not just use a rivnut in the fender? Is there some reason I'm not thinking of? Searching turns up nothing on the subject. Generally, I'm a "just say no to rivnuts" type person, but for this purpose they almost seem ideal. I'd have easy access to both sides of the rivnut to grip it for alignment and to provide reaction torque as I crank down the bolt to "set" it. It doesn't even seem like an M5 rivnut would protrude any farther into the fender than the "rinko nut" with its bulky jam-nut. If it did, I could just grind it down a bit. Rivnuts come in stainless, which is a plus. And of course using rivnuts allows me a bit more freedom to put plates and things inside the fenders to lessen the stress-risers. Also, I can buy about a hundred rivnuts for the price of one "rinko nut".

Any thoughts?
Yeah, just copy what Mssr. Weigle does. Slot the splice piece, bolt it all together like so:

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