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Originally Posted by biker44
Hey fellas i need help decoding this RAlEIGH team RECORD. Serial number WE 7002798 above is the letter K stamped . Is this a higher end model or lower cheaper model.. Its Red and Yellow and decals that are REd and yellow as well the frame material is 531 reynolds. the front fork is half red and chrome. its got campy dropouts the top tube says team raleigh and the dow tube says record the seat seat says Raleigh in black and yellow letters. Dont have pictures. but if you can still help me indentify it would be great. Need some RALEIGH EXperts here
Something still seems weird. As far as I can see the Team models didn't have the half-chrome fork, and certainly wouldn't have had Record on the down tube. Do the dropouts (either the fork ends or rear drops) have fender/rack eyelets? Is the headtbue badge for The Raleigh with Nottingham England under it or Raleigh Cycles of America?

Ok, I might have found a pic of something similar:

Does it look like this:

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