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Originally Posted by thriftyswift3 View Post
I just found this review. Thanks!

Having been bitten by the cruiser bug last summer, and learning of this model and the BD website, I have a very slight obsession with the idea of getting one of these Salty Dogs.

I would go with matte black like you did. May as well be kinda' bad-boy if on such a chill, dandy-style bike, eh?

A few questions as you have time:

I, too, noticed what looked like a bottle cage bolt in a pic on the website, though it looked like the upper bolt and was oddly low. I will have to look up what a rivnut is (and I didn't know of such a thing as a right-angle drill!) I know this wasn't a question ha.

The video in this link shows how to install rivnuts using a right angle drill and simple hand tools:

The frame looks different, comparing the bike on the website to yours. On yours, the seat post tube (forgetting the proper name for it) is closer to the rear wheel! It looks like what is pictured on the website, currently, is a longer frame than yours.

I agree the BD website picture does seem to show a more stretched out version than whet I actually received. I'm not concerned about that because the bike has a long enough wheel base to provide a very comfy ride.

I guess I have way below average wrenching skills. In terms of bike-specific tools, I assume you just needed some cone wrenches to repack the wheel bearings; but what about the bottom bracket?

Yes, 15mm, 16mm cone wrenches and an adjustable wrench for the wheel bearing service. For the bottom bracket, I used a pedal wrench, 36mm spanner and pin spanner but you can get away with an adjustable wrench and a screw driver or pin punch. (I have since replaced the one piece bottom bracket and crank with a bottom bracket adapter, sealed cartridge bottom bracket and square taper crankarms.)

Hope this helps! If you decide to get a new cruiser be sure to share your impressions and some pics.
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