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Noob Question about Bike Lanes

So, I'm planning my ride for the weekend, and there's this pretty sweet 20 mile loop near my house that has a bike lane for almost all of it. There's a .5 mile stretch that doesn't.
Being a noob who so far has only stuck to riding in my neighborhood, I'm a bit anxious about riding on a road with no bike lane (I stay conservative on where I ride given my experience level). The speed limit here is 45 MPH.
My question is, would you guys ride on the shoulder here?
Do you take the speed limit of the road into consideration?
I notice there's a bigger shoulder on the opposite side (should I ride wrong way there?).
Or am I being a wuss and should I just shut up and ride on the shoulder?
Just wondering as I don't know anyone who cycles unfortunately.

FWIW, there's a double yellow, so technically, a car wouldn't be able to pass me.

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