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There appears to be no shoulder there, just an 8" strip with a raised curb and unrideable stuff on the other side. You really need to give keep a safe margin from that stuff, in case you need to avoid an obstacle when there's a motor vehicle to your left, to name one scenario. Others will have different opinions, but what I would do is ride at least 3' away from that raised strip and deep enough into the carriageway to make it clear that you are not intending to split the lane and that anyone intending to pass is going to have to move left across the center line. It may feel dangerous, but it's the safest way to handle the situation in my opinion and I bet drivers are going to be understanding and polite on the whole. Going the wrong way on the other side is a ****ty option under any circumstances and I wouldn't consider it on a road like this with great sightlines and light traffic.

As a new rider in this situation, you are at no greater risk than a veteran. Enjoy and let us know if you don't survive!
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