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More Wahoo kool-Aid

Added a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.
Bolt initial setup was pretty quick. It immediately wanted to load an update.
Tried to pair it to the Wahoo Kickr Bike and it found it, but stopped FulGaz from connecting.
Bolt has a screen specifically to control a Kickr.... could not get to that screen.
I don’t know how, why or what I did.... oh here comes another update.

Now the Kickr Bike connects to the Bolt as “FE” and not as “Kickr Bike”.
FulGaz is now able to see the Bike again.
Bolt automagically goes to the Kickr Control screen.

After all the goofing around with the Bolt/Bike, I powered off the Bolt and went for a FulGaz ride.
I’ll spend more time with the Kickr control screens and report back at a later time.

FYI I intend to use the Bolt on my road bike. Apparently I don’t need add-on sensors. Speed will come from GPS in the Bolt and Cadence will come from the Tickr X HRM.
[See comment in post below from zacster regarding speed sensor accuracy]

All the best


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