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Originally Posted by ccdc.1 View Post
It seems you have gotten the Chained Revolution info, but if not let me know. Also, maybe you'd consider adding a field for serial number location, as it was quite variable in the 1940s and 1950s. And you might consider adding a field for Original Paint or Restored? I know a Registry is different than a database...I do have a spreadsheet of a few hundred Paramounts from eBay ads, online sources, etc....often backed up with photos. If that would be of use to you, I can provide the spreadsheet....spreadsheet includes serial number location; dropouts; seat stay caps.

-ccdc.1 (Michael)
I have it in JPG form right now thanks to trainman999 , but if you have it as static HTML files, I'd be interested too. I needed the pages to get a better idea of lug transition dates, but it'd help to have the content in a form I can copy/paste.

I'll add an S/N location field. Do you know about when during the Watsyn era it was standardized? I'm trying to put (reasonable) cutoff dates on each form field, as the new Registry is more like a database. There's a lot more data being collected and paint history (fields: Refinished? / Current Color / Previous Color / Factory Color ) are only part of it. I'm also asking if the fork is original, and if so, whether it is presumed original or confirmed original (that is, did someone drop the fork and verify the fork's S/N?).

I'm a bit concerned that the submission page needs a field-specific glossary for those who have a Paramount, as it's a bit overwhelming if you're not familiar with all the intricacies. The fields are conditional - so you are not hit with every possible option outside of the year or generation you've chosen - but even then, the information being asked can be pretty extensive.

Case in point, if you choose any Chicago Paramount from 1969 through 1972, you are prompted to indicate whether you have Nervex Professional or Prugnat 62bis headlugs. Standard fare for us - perhaps not so for some owners - but there's another field immediately after, which asks users whether the bike has a Nervex Professional (Feature Cut No. 5) or Vagner PL fork crown. I want to have an AJAX or HTML5/JQuery floating box to the left of the form fields with a short pictorial explanation that floats alongside and changes depending on the form field that's active in a user's window.

I'm a bit partial to the entries being user-submitted at this point, as I'd like to have ownership information (and consent for publication) but I wouldn't say no to having a look at your spreadsheet.

Originally Posted by fleslider View Post
Keep us posted, I dont think my 74 P10 was ever registered/entered. will do when you get it set up!
Will do! Still have a lot to finish though. Having lots of difficulty finding the right way to create filters for the database itself, so users can look at Paramounts with specific details in the list, if they choose.


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