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I tried to get some more information about the tubing in this frame from Koga but they didn't have anything anymore. Seems like some of that information was never explicitly saved when they stopped working together back in 2010.

Miyata on the other hand could tell me a bit more.
I contacted them on Facebook and they told me the following: (summarized)
We're sorry but we don't have any drawings of this particular model anymore. Miyata stopped production of CR-MO frames in Japan and most of their staff from that time have retired already.
When cross-referenced with some other material this particular SilverAce probably has Splined Triple Butted tubing.

In general the Koga-Miyata Hardtlite tubing is organized like this:
  • Hardtlite FM-1: Splined Triple Butted CR-MO frame
  • Hardtlite FM-2: Double Butted CR-MO frame
  • Hardtlite FM-3: Single Butted CR-MO frame

If I had to warrant a guess it might just be the main triangle that is made from FM-1 tubing (as is most often the case on non-performance bikes) but unless I can find a large x-ray machine we'll never know.

Still, more information about the history of this bike is nice and I thank Miyata for their efforts.

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