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Dropout spacers

So, the rear wheel has to stay forward in the dropouts in order for the fenderline to be good. I thought about drilling and tapping for dropout adjusting screws, but I think it's a bad idea because the rinko package will end up sitting on the backsides of the rear dropouts and messing up the fragile adjusting screws unless I install one of those axle protector stand thingies, and I just don't think I have time for that.

I was thinking about putting in some cheap steel spacers, and I also thought about trying to buy some Surly Monkey Nuts. In the end, I convinced myself that I'd be dissatisfied with anything commercially available, so I CNC milled something and then ruined it with a file and a drill.

Here are the results.

That last one reveals a problem. The chain, when it hits the smallest cog, will surely hang up on that thing. I could probably adjust it with a grinder so that this wouldn't be an issue. But looking at it from this angle, I had an epiphany. What if I spaced the right dropout a bit farther out, and machined a thicker spacer that incorporated a chain rest? Eh?? Then I could shift onto it and rapidly remove the wheel.

Problems I foresee:
1) Having to make a removable stop/detent for the shifter, and having a shifter with this kind of travel. I want to use a bar-end of some sort. Who knows, until I actually set it up? One way to solve this all is to just make the shifter cable length determine the high gear limit, and then when the cable housing is unhooked from the cable stop for rinko the derailleur is allowed to move down to the chain rest. Another way is to use a Shimano STI cable stop (you know, with that little flick-lever to trim the derailleur) on a downtube shifter mount.
2) Asymmetrical quick-release stick-out. Probably not a huge issue, but the quick-release will need to stick out more on one side than on the other. I guess I can bend the springs or move the axle in the hub.

But who wants to see rinko portacatena?! Ready for concours de machines?? Or have I jumped the shark?
If I end up doing a CAD drawing I'll throw it on the Thingiverse so the 3D printing bros can have fun.
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