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FYI, there's still a lot to do here, but this is a quick rough-in of the new registry page. Styling isn't complete (the round green boxes within the main green box won't do), and I don't want so much space between registry entries.

Nevertheless, it should give a bit of an idea of where I'm going with this. I intend to have some more specific search fields (such as lug type, specific year, etc) below the main selection fields, so even though the forward facing entries may not specify lugs and the like, one will be able to pair down the list to load these details.

Also, if anyone wants to contribute straight-on headtube, headbadge, or headlug pictures for each era, I could use them for the selection boxes. I'm not sure what will best represent each era (Watsyn and Chicago arguably look the same, and are differentiated much better by lugs, even though there's variance there too), but feel free to contribute if you wish.

Originally Posted by trainman999 View Post
Dont know what a static HTML file is but I can make the Chained Revelution information an excell file if that would help. or I could send you the spread sheet with all the early Paramounts by serial number I have found on the internet so far.

Galon, that's very kind of you, but I'll probably do a one-by-one on Tam's registry entries - just in case I've missed an outlier that's unique enough to be added in the registry submission fields. If you do have more serials and data though, feel free to send that along. Can't hurt.


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