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Serial Finish Notes Caps Lugs Drops Year
1 *Blue Schwinn Team - Ray Cass' prototype race bike BE QW TE 1937
1 *Red Schwinn Team - Ray Cass' prototype training bike BE QW TE 1937
L / 7 *Green Probably a prototype. Uses standard headset cups rather than integrated floating race. BE OV TE 1937+
1 Chrome Oldest known Paramount of intro design BE OV TE 1938-
TS004 *White HAWKINS on BB, possibly Tom Schwinn's bike BE OV TE 1938-
A??? Chrome Chester Nelson Jr's 48 Olympic backup bike BE OV TE 1938
?123 *White BE OV TE 1938
A145 *White BE OV TE 1938
A163 *White eBay BE OV TE 1938
A186 Burgundy Tourist model with stainless fenders. BE OV TE 1938
A194 Chrome Repaired with flat angled caps FA OV TE 1938
A198 *Red BE TE 1938
A200 *White Odd headtube uses an external cup for bottom of headset rather than integrated floating race BE OV TE 1938
A221 Maroon Modified with extra brace for brakes (since removed) BE OV TE 1938
A237 Silver eBay, Cyclo derailleur, Webb brakes OV TE 1938
A286 White NOS, never built BE OV TE 1938
A287 *Blue Refinished by Schwinn in 60's with chromed lugs and fork ends. BE OV TE 1938
A325 Team White Team bike raced/owned by Al Crossley BE OV TE 1938
A374 Black Ladies Sports Tourist 1938
A435 BE OV TE 1938
A450 Chrome Mostly original bike. BE OV TE 1938+
A510 White Everything original except tape and tires (menotomy) BE OV TE 1939
A541 White Nice original BE OV TE 1939
A545 Waterford reference 1939
A567 Chrome BE OV TE 1939
A641 Frame with non-original fork (eBay) 1939
A651 *Blue Tourist with fenders BE OV TE 1939
A676 Chrome ex Al Crossley bike with 80% original decals FA OV TE 1939
A702 Red Purchased from Jeff Groman, California bike from Washington State, frame BE OV TE 1939
A736 White Interesting original finish with red head tube and seat tube. BE SQ TE 1939
A815 *Black Touring setup with 3-speed hub ? ? TE 1939+
A685 Orange Chrome lugs BE SQ TE 1939+
A774 *Blue Tourist model with track ends. BE SQ TE 1939+
A816 Tourist model BE SQ TE 1939+
A836 Blue BE SQ TE 1939+
A839 Black eBay, Tourist with fender eyelets BE SQ TE 1939+
A841 *Orange Black lugs BE SQ TE 1939+
A854 *White Full Restoration by Chicago Schwinn in '79 BE SQ TE 1939+
Bxxx *Orange Black lugs BE SQ TE 1940
Creme Mens' Sports Tourist 1940
S1031 Blue BE SQ TE 1940?
Burgundy Later decals BE SQ TE
P41 Bought new in 1947 for $141 TE 1947
P170 Blue Osgear-styled dropouts FA SQ FG 1947+
P178 *White FA SQ FG 1947+
P209 Burgundy Good original-condition bike. FA SQ TE 1947+
P220 Green FA SQ TE 1947+
P224 Burgundy Nervex headlugs only, later decals FA NV TE 1947+
P235 Parts donor frameset FA SQ TE 1947+
P236 Red eBay: Black lugs FA SQ TE 1947+
P244 White eBay, disassembled but complete FA SQ TE 1947+
P252 ?Burgundy Unusual decals FA SQ TE 1947+
P260 *White FA SQ TE 1947+
P270 Black Jack Simes' training bike FA SQ TE 1947+
G88 Red Special build for a short lady 1949
342 *White Usenet. Waterford refinish, chromed fork. TE 1950+
397 * Waterford forums 1951-
403 Men's Sports Tourist 1951
408 ebay 1951
409 Black NOS, Cinelli adjustable stem 1951
421 Yellow FA SQ TE 1951
429 *Red Bought from Ted Ernst 1951
432 Chrome "$25,000 1938 Paramount track (scam)" FA TE 1951
432 Red Duplicate use of serial number FA SQ TE 1951
445 *Blue Originally green re-spray, EBay purchase, Jacksonville, FL area FA TE 1951
446 Red FA SQ TE 1951
453 *White Waterford refinish TE 1951
511 *White French componentry 1951
563 *Red Tourist model with unusual lugs, Waterford restoration BE Unusual 1951
575 White Tourist model with unusual lugs BE Unusual 1951
647 Black Nervex headlugs, Tourist model NV FG 1957
692 Red Nervex headlugs, Tourist model NV FG 1957
713 Blue Touring setup 1957
814 Chrome Nervex lugs, Campagnolo road dropouts FA NV FG 1958
831 *Blue Serial number is on dropout FA SQ TE 1958
871 Blue Serial on steerer, Nervex lugs, "barn-find" FA NV TE 1958
911 Creme Men's Sports Touring P12 FG 1958
915 Black Nervex lugs, Campagnolo road dropouts FA NV FG 1958
937 Primered Nervex Pro lugs, Campagnolo road dropouts FA NV FG 1959
949 Waterford reference 1959
987 Nervex Pro lugs TE 1959
A20 Serial number is on dropout TE 1959
C99 Red NV FG 1959
H71 *Black NV FG 1961
N27 Bought new in 1963. See forum for more info. TE 1963
B803 Brown FG 1968

Seat stay caps: BE - Ball ends, FA - Flat angled
Front of head lugs: OV - Ovalized, SQ - Squared, NV - Nervex, DW - Double Window, QW - Quad Window
Rear dropouts: TE - Track ends, FG - Forward facing geared

Asterisk (*) indicates a repaint
Years are approximate and under continuous refinement
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