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Thanks for the interest!
I totally forgot about Thomson! This is a great option. I may consider X4 over X2 due to safety concerns. However, my use in this case would be an opposite to the massive sprints described above. I need the -10 degrees stem for mass starts in use with 3T SuperErgo Ltd carbon handlebar. I haven't ridden this handlebars on track yet but they doesn't feel that tough as Scatto's or other classic track bars. So, I'm a bit concerned if this stem wouldn't be too massive for this handlebars. I also know at least 3-4 people which faceplates cracked riding on the street (I don't know any other with similar experience with other stems). I'm still considering this stem as it's super beautiful but just sharing my concerns. I have never used it myself.

As of this, I think more about an old version of the Pro Vibe 7s that stiffness is somewhere between X2 and X4 (based on only stem stiffness test available) with almost 31g weight reduction compared to the X4.
Another option is the old Easton EA90 which looks nice but not much data, not even on materials used.

Is my thinking correct?

Originally Posted by McBTC View Post
FSA, Opera, Richie, Easton...
FSA and Richey do some 6 degrees. I don't like FSA due to the proprietary top cap, same as the new PRO Vibe.
Easton discontinued 10 degrees and now makes only 0/7 options. However, I agree the old EA90 with full faceplate looks promising!
Opera? I don't know this brand. Google directs to Aliexpress which is not a good sign.
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