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Currently 5 in operation, 3 pairs of SPD-SL Sidi's, 2 modern and some cool retro triathlon ones that are as floppy as a sandwich but look super cool and are comfortable, easy to get on and off and are easier to walk in than the others. Also have a pair of Louis Garneau road shoes.

I've had numerous Sidi and Shimano ones over the years, including some stupid expensive ones, but they all fall apart at the same rate it seems to me and no Shimano or Sidi shoe has lasted more than 3 years before being totally destroyed (I average about 8000 miles a year)

My favourite pair of shoes, and the longest lasting of all the ones I've ever had, they are entering their 10th year and still going strong, perfectly moulded to my foot and look great, are a pair of SPD Dromarti leather lace up shoes on a super stiff sole. I think I've added polish to them about 4 times ever, and that's it. They are not cheap, but they were less than half the price of my Tony Martin Sidi's, and they have done way more miles and lasted more than 3 times as long (and still going) so still represent great value. I'm definitely going to get the SPD-SL version of that shoe and not bother with anything else in future.
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