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As I was riding to Dreux in 2011, I swore I would never ride another 1200. Rode another one the next year. I imagine that a lot of people quit randonneuring after every PBP, because that's all they ever wanted to do. I have wondered if the 2007 PBP convinced more people than usual to quit randonneuring.

2019 PBP had an even worse DNF rate than 2007. The winds at the beginning were a bit strong, especially since everyone seemed to want to go quite fast. I don't think we ever got much tailwind, and then most 90 hour riders had a headwind at the end. Contrast to 2011 where we had tailwinds both ways (for the most part). I want to go back, but I think I'll start after dark because the winds die down then. Of course, that doesn't help on the second day, when we were still getting winds.
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