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Passenger Fixie

Okay, this one's pretty weird.

My girlfriend doesn't really ride a bike, which can be kind of a drag in New York. So I want to be able to cart her around town on my bike. I'm thinking about building up a fixed mountain bike and outfitting it for this purpose. If y'all have any better ideas, I would sure love to hear 'em. This would be my all-purpose bike, because I never know when I'm going to meet up with her. I'm not much of a speed demon, so I don't mind the idea of making a mtn my daily ride. On the other hand, I sort of need all the help I can get, speed wise, so if a skinnier setup would work I'd like to know. Of course, it is important to me that this bike be fixed. I have a whole bunch of questions about this.

(I already know about that thing that extends your wheelbase to create an instant cargo bike, but that's not really for me. Need to be able to manuever in tight spaces.)

1) Will I need fatty tires for this to work? How fatty?

2) Will I need to compromise my gear ratio? It's okay with me if we go pretty slow together. On the other hand, I don't want carrying her to be the hardest thing in the world. And I don't want to spin like crazy whenever she's not along for the ride.

3) Are there any rear racks out there that can stand up to the abuse of a 120-130 lb lady?

4) Does it make ANY sense at all to think about asking a framebuilder to modify an old (or new) steel mountain bike to look something like this:

(paint is the new photoshop)

6) Could something like a banana seat work?

7) She'll probably want somewhere to rest her feet. But will I need larger axles (ie bmx axles) for pegs to work? I thought I remembered that was the case. Do they make fixed hubs with the larger axles? Would I have to dremel out the drop-outs?

Any other brilliant ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks all.
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