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Originally Posted by Welshboy View Post
Not too well actually. I think, mentally, PBP was my 'Everest' and having achieved it I took my foot of the gas at the very same time that I took up a new hobby (flight sims and computer graphics) that was quite enjoyable but way too sedentary. The weight piled on and, quite simply, I stopped riding my bike. Not long after, the recession kicked in and trying to hang on to my job and putting our daughter through university took priority.
In the years leading up to PBP 2015, I read about that phenomenon: people would ride their first full SR series the year of their PBP, either succeed or fail at PBP, then never ride a brevet again. At the time, my then-girlfriend and I were planning to get married and start a family before too long, so I figured 2015 was my "window" to do it. That helped motivate me to get through all of the brevets, and for her to support the whole silly thing. She and my sister got a really nice French trip out of the deal, so it worked out really well.

As I thought might happen, the motivation to do long rides trailed off after that. I've done a century or two along with a 110k populaire since then, but my riding mostly shifted to the social/party type. RAGBRAI is the high point of my riding season these days.

Good to see you getting back into cycling, Welshboy ! Even in less-ambitious form, it brings a lot of joy to my life.

P.S. And my wife and sister are on board for PBP 2023, if the stars align again.
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There's no such thing as too far.. just lack of time
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People in this forum are not typical.
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