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Originally Posted by fly135 View Post
I have both kinds of ebikes (torque and cadance). The torque sensing motor is a Bosch Performance CX mid drive and you can hardly feel the motor in EMTB mode. IN EMTB mode the PAS multiplier scales with your input. That results in it being difficult to feel the motor input. In Turbo mode, the PAS multiplier is fixed at 300% and it is noticeable as to the the motor input. My other bike has a cadance sensing rear hub motor (it's a DAS-KIT). The hub motor is very noticable WRT motor input. Just touch the pedals and start them spinning and the motor just goes, and feels like a kick in the pants.

The hub motor gives you more speed and acceleration for the money. The Bosch mid drive is more expensive, but also more suitable for technical terrain that you find when riding a mountain bike. You do not want a motor to just kick in full power when you move the pedals while navigating tricky terrain. The mid drive motor also lends itself to more rider exercise because you have to pedal harder to get more power from the motor. The hub drive just puts in max power up to the PAS speed limit. IOW PAS sets the point where the motor stops contributing. It doesn't actually set the motor assist power.

The caveat here is that this info is specific to the Bosch mid drive and DAS-KIT hub drive.
The controller that Eco Cycles is providing with the TSDZ2 has 9 power levels, all of which are responding to the torque sensor in the bottom bracket. The power levels are adjustable. If the system works as described, I'll set the power levels to gently overcome mechanical resistance at the low end and to provide a large multiplier at the higher end. A throttle is optional, but I'm not interested in an electric powered ride that doesn't really require any effort.

Hopefully, I'll be able to ride with many different levels of assist. At times I'll just use a small fraction of the power available, and will enjoy an experience nearly identical to having no assist on a good road bike. At the other end of the spectrum, I'd like enough assistance to climb a 20% hill while keeping my heart rate below 125 bpm.

I'm excited to see what the system can do.
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