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>1) Will I need fatty tires for this to work? How fatty?
I'd go with some 2" slicks- shouldn't be much slower with just you, and would save a lot of pinch flats.

>2) Will I need to compromise my gear ratio? It's okay with me if we go pretty slow together. On the other hand, I don't want carrying her to be the hardest thing in the world. And I don't want to spin like crazy whenever she's not along for the ride.

Flip flop. it's the only option.

>3) Are there any rear racks out there that can stand up to the abuse of a 120-130 lb lady?
Look for super-heavy duty euro racks, and a frame that's designed for a rack. Put pegs on the rear, so that not all the weight is on the rack- i believe there are pegs which will work with a mtb-sized bolt on axle. You also might want to consider having the rack welded on.
I've seen someone in cambridge carrying their daughter to school with a banana seat bolted to the rear rack.

I thought about this same thing for awhile, since i had a gf who didn't ride, and was convinced that she couldn't learn how. Then i got her 24" cruiser & taught her how to ride. Now she gets grouchy whenever we don't ride somewhere, and looks wistfully at the little black iro mark V owned by one of her coworkers.
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