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Originally Posted by Kuromori View Post
"13 a 36 dientes" literally means "13 to 36 teeth" and I don't see why wrap capacity would be given as a range. There's no such thing as a minimum wrap capacity. I can't say for sure what it's referring to, but you find the similar stamping on Campy Rally and GTs except it's "13-36=36-54." They clearly have a higher wrap capacity, but I doubt it's 54, and it still leaves the 36 a mystery if it isn't what it appears to be. A ~45mm short cage is lucky to have ~25T of wrap. 36T wrap is more like what you could get from a ~75mm medium cage.
DE 13 A 36 DIENTES = "from 13 to 36 teeth". This appears to refer to the compatible cog sizes.

In the high gear position, it cannot handle anything bigger than a 13 dientes.

In the low gear position, it cannot handle anything bigger than a 36 dientes. This is hard to believe but may be possible. My Nuovo Record works with 28T cogs, but 36,...? You'd have to try it or carefully measure at the geometry.

It might also imply 23 dientes chain wrap but that is not clear to me.

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