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Bikes: too many of all kinds

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For anyone interested in this subject, Ron (aka spinning magnets) has written an execlent in depth article on the TSDZ2
I would highly recommend it if you want to do in depth.

TSDZ2, mini 750W mid-drive with torque sensing:

  1. It’s an affordable 750W “USA-legal” kit, that you can add to your frame of choice
  2. It’s the most available torque-sensing kit, and some riders LOVE a sweet TS
  3. It is the absolute smallest 750W mid-drive kit available
  4. IF…you are willing to void the warranty, there is a free firmware program that allows you to adjust every aspect of its performance and “feel”, and…many users are reporting that it works great (I don’t know, so don’t blame me).
Here are the CON’S
  1. 750W is its max, and many new ebikers actually want MORE power (like me)
  2. Very few dealers in the USA carry it
  3. The “Q-factor” (from Quadracepts, meaning the width of the pedal placement) on the TSDZ2 is wider than average. Some riders swap-in the BBS02 crank arms, which reduces the Q from 210mm to 182mm. Some builders swap-in only the right-side crank arm to make the pedals more evenly spaced from the centerline of the bike.

The Bafang units have been around the longest, but this unit is close on its heals. Anything newer I would be a little wary of. Bafang gets a lot of the attention because it is big and potentially powerful (i.e. there isn't much point in pedaling at some of those power levels). But this unit looks great for people who actually want to pedal, and want the bike to feel like a bicycle rather than a moped.

I love a lightweight build that rides like a bicycle. Been riding my 25lb 25mph ebike for the better part of a decade now.

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