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Bike Fit knee pain (resolved)

I'm at about 165 miles covered so far in January. Of which 110 are on the Kickr Bike.
My left knee is giving me pain just below the kneecap about 12miles into a ride, and defiantly the following day.
I had dialed in the Kickr to match my Cervelo R3.

I took last week off, no riding for 5 days and scheduled a bike fit for Friday just passed.
I was apprehensive about going to a bike fit as a 56year old, 195lb, 6'1" newbie that has never been "fitted".
Shameless plug... I went to Zealot Cyclery in Danville. Of the LBS around here, I like this one!

In summary..
Walk here, bend there, twist this, reach for that, do this, do that...
Get covered in sticky dots, stuck on a fully adjustable (while your riding) trainer thingy, and captured in Slow Motion for computer analysis from 3 directions.

Waist down I'm reasonably flexible.
Waist up, needs improvement. Prescribed... Yoga and some "Cyclist Core Exercises"
I had placed my Cleats incorrectly (despite trying quite hard) and left one needed a twist.
Arch support required in my cycling shoes. Interesting is that I'd already determined that for my tennis shoes, but never even considered that I would need the same in Cycling shoes.
Arch supports stolen from tennies and placed into Cycling shoes.
Apparently during assembly my left leg was attached incorrectly and in a fashion that forces me to toe out.
The caster and rod ends are not adjustable on humans. So you twist the cleat.
Saddle to high and too rearward.
Stem too long.

Whole process took several hours and I left more educated and holding new bike dimensions.

Dialed in my new dimensions into the Kickr bike and rode 15miles last night... left knee feels great both during the ride and today.
More time and miles will tell for sure.

Although not inexpensive, when compared to my equipment costs a bike fit was a great thing to do.
I've already ordered the parts required to get the R3 road bike dialed in.

In about 3-4 months I'll return for a tune up.
I'll leave the apprehension at home this time. I was made very welcome. I was not made to feel nearly as old as I am and the process was enjoyable and very educational.

Now to find me a beginners Yoga class (much to the amusement of my wife).


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