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Originally Posted by Guillaume QC View Post

I know this thread has been dead for a while but i just got a used BB-7710 for 4 CAD $ and i am wondering if i could open it and service its bearings like you sometime see on youtube...

No i read what was said before and i understand it has a very unique bearing mechanism (more sealed than sealed bearing!!) , but do i have a chance at making this BB just a little smoother (it currently has a little crack sound now and then, very subtile, but id like to make things perfect!). If i really cant reach the bearings is there a way to spray some WD-40 and Lube later on??

Thanks in advance for your answers guys. This was my very first reply / question on BForum !!

WD40 is not for this job. Way too thin for bearings, and is a de-greaser.

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