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Chair, Yoga, and a ruler

Got a few more miles on this old Knee and still feeling good.
I did notice that my office chair sinks every day to the point where my left leg is being uncomfortably crumpled below the chair.
I usually just re-raise the chair in the mornings.
Well, now I'm on a mission. So I FIXED the chair using PVC pipe and hose clamps. Now it is way higher than it ever was and my legs feel good all day.
I should really have done this sooner. I spend way too many hours in this chair to tolerate a poor seating position.

After researching Yoga studios... Surprise, I find male attendance to be extremely lacking.
I've currently skipped the studio experience (if you know what I mean) and I'm practicing Yoga poses alone at home once or twice a day.
Being a computer guy, I don't trust relative measurements and I like any data you can capture as hard numbers. Like, with a ruler.
So, I'm within 10" of being able to touch my toes, not forcing anything. I wonder if that will change significantly, time will tell.
My hope is that I can increase my flexibility and increase my comfort when riding the R3's aggressive frame geometry.

Per the Bike Fit numbers...I've installed a Zero offset seatpost in my Cervelo R3 to place me more over the BB, and although I have ordered a shorter 70mm stem, wow that's a really short stem!
I'd like to be able to keep the R3's 100mm stem that is currently installed. I'll give it a week or three and reevaluate my flexibility, maybe I'll give the 70mm a try then, did I mention it's really short!

All the best

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