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WI Eno hub spacing (freewheel vs fixed)

​I'm having a bit of a head-scratcher here, to the point that I'm sure I must be missing something embarrassingly obvious. I recently set my bike up with a White Industries Eno hub on a road bike frame (Cube Agree, BB86 bottom bracket with SRAM Red22 GXP cranks). After a while of enjoying it as a singlespeed, as I'm most used to from previous bikes (with their track hubs and fork ends), I today flipped the wheel and decided to head out for a spin in fixed gear. To my surprise, the chain line was way off being aligned, with the cog being about 8 mm closer to the centre line of the frame than the chainring (approximately, at least). This was severe enough that the chain would occasionally try to mount one of the cog's teeth ("Get a room!"). My fix involved bolting the chainring to the inside of the crank spider, which improved things, but now it seems like the chainring is a bit further in than the cog.

Fudges aside, my confusion relates to the spacing on either side of the Eno hub (supposedly 43 mm on the fixed side and 47.5 on the free side).​​ I never measured the chain line when using my freewheel (a Halo Clickster), but by eye it was pretty good, and there was very little in the way of noise (of which there is a fair bit now). How is this hub supposed to be used as a flip-flop if the spacing on either side of the hub doesn't give the same chainline? And beyond this mystery, what is the solution? It doesn't seem like there is any room for a spacer inside the cog, and turning the cog (also a WI one) around would move it in about 3 or 4 mm, putting it more or less in line with the chainring (when bolted onto the inside of the crank spider), but then the freewheel would be way out of whack, and there's no way for that to move inwards.

Am I missing something? Is there a fix?
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