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OK, I got some hard numbers to inject into the situation, and they are as follows:
  • The chainring spacing with the ring on the outside of the crank spider, as I usually have it (for riding singlespeed) is between 46.5 and 47 mm, or in other words, a pretty good match for the freewheel spacing on that side of the Eno hub (which I also measured and confirmed to be 47.5 mm with the Halo Clickster).
  • The chainring spacing with the ring on the inside of the crank spider, as I needed it for a half-decent chainline riding fixed, was 41 mm. This compares to the rear cog spacing of 43 mm.
So my two options for riding fixed are 2 mm off (but then 6 mm off when I flip to the freewheel side) or 4 mm off (with a good chainline on the freewheel side). Four millimetres seems like too much of a mismatch, and unless they had another cause, the chain lock-ups I experienced (with just a 2 mm mismatch) when at high RPMs downhill support that seeming.

Anyone tried a 3 or 4 mm spacer before the cog and still got the lock-ring on securely? Else, how have you got this working?

P.S. I should mentioned, regarding the chain lockups I experienced, that the freewheel, chainring and chain are all new, and the chain tension is well-adjusted (1/2 an inch of vertical movement). Other details: 3/32 cog, 1/8 chainring and chain (KMC B1).

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