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You could have some fun on this bike. Run it as a fix gear in (say) a 42-16 using the inside chairing position, Flip the wheel and have a super climbing gear of 36-22 using the 36 as an outside chainring.

I have a bike where I did this but took it several steps further. All fix gear. Crankset is set up triple, all 1/8" rings. I dished the wheel a little so one lines up with the middle chainring and the other with the outer, I then had made a double cog set (inspired by the Surly doubles but with the first cog flipped around so it sits against the spokes. I used a 21 and 17 for these. That inside cog lines up with the inner chainring. Crankset 46-44-38. Ususally rin a 14 for the small cog.

I run the bike as a 3-speed as above or skip the double cogs, flip one side and run it as a two-speed on the inner chainring for flat rides; usually 44 x 16/17 or the like. (17 is a low as I can go flipped, Smaller and the chain hits the spokes. There;s a little contact on the 17 but since the spokes and cog are always turning exactly the same speed, touching isn't an issue at all.)

Why the Enos is spaced that way is beyond me unless they were thinking double chainring. My Miche hubs are symmetrical (until I swap spacers around and dish them).

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