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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
You could have some fun on this bike. Run it as a fix gear in (say) a 42-16 using the inside chairing position, Flip the wheel and have a super climbing gear of 36-22 using the 36 as an outside chainring.
Oh, I like where this is going. Very much sow's ear -> silk purse (in the good sense).

I have at my disposal 17 and 18T cogs and the 16T freewheel, and 39, 46 and 53T chainrings. My favoured gear for all-around riding is now 46x16. I also prefer riding fixed for climbing. So I might plump for the 46T chainring on the outside, and the 39T on the inside, then flip the 17 or 18T cog (which will move it in 3 mm, giving a 40 mm spacing, which is just 1 mm from the 41 mm that the inside chainring position gives). So 46x16 freewheel for general riding, then 39x17 or 18 fixed for climbs. Do you pick up some extra-long chainring bolts to span the inner-spider-outer combo then?

The Eno spacing remains a mystery, but one with a silver lining thanks to that idea. Thanks!

EDIT: I'd still like to know what caused that chain locking while spinning downhill, which was a bit disconcerting. The locking up was transient (that is, it resolved when I started pedalling again), but was enough to throw my feet of the platforms. Not sure if the 2 mm mismatch in the chainline was just too much, or if the chain was a bit loose, or if it was something else.

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