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Originally Posted by NomarsGirl View Post
I've been told my goal to ride the pan zMass Challenge is unrealistic ...
Haven't had a stroke, but I had to deal with a couple years' worth of recovery from a bad muscle injury, decades ago. Set my sights on doing everything I once did, at as nearly equivalently and high-quality as I could do (as compared to previously). Made it.

Though I can't speak for anyone else, obviously, for me it was vital to have a serious and challenging goal to shoot for. Helped me to remain focused, to work harder than I've ever worked ... and, in the end, to successfully surmount the problem. Wasn't quite as fast or powerful (running, cycling, swimming), after recovery, but it wasn't much off the mark.

Very satisfying. And probably gave me back a couple of years based on that improved well-being and strength, as compared to where I might be had I failed to focus that hard and achieve the recovery I did.

Setting a goal, even if seemingly unrealistic at this point, might well make the difference between the level of hard work and determination to get there versus giving up somewhere along the way. It's sometimes astounding just how much a person can accomplish in situations where most everyone says you can't do it.

Of course, even if you end up with having some limitations, here and there, you might be capable of doing the bike challenge by tweaking some of the details. Perhaps not this summer, but there's always next summer. For example, you might change some of the details of your participation. Say, by changing the two-wheeled bike to a three-wheeler, or doing it on a tandem with a cycling buddy you trust. Might well be able to do it, that way, even though it won't be quite the same as a normal-and-customary bike ride/race for you.

Good luck on the recovery. It's never easy, when the damage is serious or severe. It might not even be achievable. But given enough determination and focus, you might be surprised how much you improve.

I wish you well.
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